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 Etterbeek – A Greener Community

December will mark the third year since our elected representatives were first sworn in. What have they accomplished? What comes next?

With Ecolo-Groen in the ruling majority, Etterbeek is more



  • The first durable neighborhood contract as of 2010
  • From 2014 to 2018, 20 million euros to be invested in the neighborhood of Chasse-Gray to revitalize the area.
  • Many diverse projects lead by the municipality and the local associations.
  • The construction of about 30 environmental friendly social housing projects.
  • The restoration of the Hap Residence and its surrounding gardens.
  • The creation of a new childcare center
  • Facilitating the access to housing through local subsidies.



Focus on gender equality issues and women’s right in particular:

  • Access to self-defense classes
  • The adoption of the European chart for gender equality
  • Addressing interfamilial dispute and violence issues through workshops, artistic events and so forth…
  • Establishment of a local gender equality think-tank.



  • Urban cleanliness plan (2015-2018), which will seek both preventive solutions to this issue and repressive solutions for the culprit.
  • These last 3 years Etterbeek has been on the front line by experimenting with new ways to handle organic waste.
  • Great turn out for both the « adopt an urban chicken » event and the educational workshops on recycling and proper handling of private waste (Donnerie Virtuelle, Repair Café, Giveboxes.)


Cost efficient:

  • Establishment of the « Local plan on energy consumption » (Plan Plage) to lower energy waste and CO2 levels.
  • Hundreds of thousands euros saved every year on the municipality’s infrastructure:

For exemple :

  • New solar panels installed on the roof of the sport center
  • Installation of water tanks and improvement on insulation
  • Smart public lighting through motion sensors in schools
  • Plans for a new passive pavilion for the school « Paradis des Enfants »



  • Concrete establishment of a strategy focused on sustainable development and sustainable nutrition
  • Creation of the community garden along with many relevant events all through the year.
  • Etterbeek awarded the label « eco-dynamic enterprise »
  • Hundreds of workshops, outdoor animations, conferences, themed parties… focusing on sustainable nutrition.
  • Several sustainable nutrition challenges
  • Development of the “neighborhood dining kit” available on loan, free of charge
  • Creation of the municipality GASAP (consumer group promoting local agriculture)
  • Great feedback from the «Local Agenda 21 » and energy subsidies available.



  • Vast sidewalk renovation project:
  • Thorough rehabilitation of two specific areas: the “place du Roi Vainqueur” and Hansen-Soulie Avenue.
  • Public spaces maintenance using environmentally friendly methods.



  • “Etterbeek against the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)”; motion voted by the municipal council under the initiative of the ecologists.
  • Motion COP21: A concrete commitment to deal with the reality of global warming.


What is next?

With Ecolo-Groen in the majority you can expect the projects listed below to be kept in the forefront of the municipal agenda:

  • The redevelopment of the « Place Jourdan » (scheduled for the end of 2016)
  • Rethinking of the public space, with a focus on the various mode of transportation available
  • To repurpose the federal barracks
  • The repurposing of the old town hall following the transfer of the communal services to “Les Jardins de la Chasse” (scheduled for 2018)
  • Focus on the population‘s need; housing, childcare services, Transport, cultural and sport events and so forth…


And of course on top of all that, all the projects and ideas that could arise in the future. If you have ideas, suggestions that you would like to share then come and meet us at the evening gathering scheduled on February the 5th.

Our aldermen:

Marie Rose Geuten

Energy, environment, sustainable development, tourism, gender equality, Etterbeek’s image, information technologies and E-government.


Rick Jelema

Public and road works, public lightings, local green spaces design and maintenance, sustainable neighborhood contracts.
























Ecolo & Groen



Starting at 18:45


Salle Le Cercle

6 rue D Boonestraat

1040 Etterbeek





GLOCAL from Global to Local


Free entrance


cheap bar-buffet


Bar : Brussel beer and wine, fair-trade soft drinks


Music: Pang – 100% organic Rap

Pas Ce Soir Chéri: a romantic Marching Band


Buffet: Ethnic Food by local ethnic cooks



With local folks, your neighbours, eco minded friends and of course “La Locale” Ecolo-Groen from Etterbeek.